Seal it with a Gift: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

If Zelda Fitzgerald was around today, she’d love Orlando Palacio and his many hats. Floating about with anonymity is a calculated effort. These ultra-high quality handmade hats give new meaning to a traditional haberdashery. Situated inside the Turnbull & Asser store on 57th Street in NYC, Palacios is a gatekeeper of men’s and women’s headwear.
A perfect present for any manic pixie dream girl, this hat may get her so choked up, be sure you know the Heimlich.
Get your Bolero now.
Written by Tanya Akim

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Craft the perfect Hat to call your very own. This handcrafted hat can be custom made. We stand firmly behind our product and craftsmanship while looking to meet the expectations of every single one of our clients. And because our product is handmade, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Handmade with love in NYC.


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