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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

  • How can I purchase a gift card?

    Our gift cards are the easiest way to prove to someone special that you’re not only a good person but also one with excellent taste!
    Our gift cards are available online (eshop section) and in store. Presented in Worth & Worth by Orlando Palacios packaging. Can be sent directly to the recipient or yourself.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE.

    For all international shipments, returns and exchanges, the customer is responsible for all postage, Duties & Taxes. 

    Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at

  • How long does it take for a custom hat to be made?

    We require a 3-5 weeks lead time, this time may be extended during the Fall/Winter seasons. There are rush options with a 60% surcharge of the total price of the hat added.

  • Can I order a hat over the phone?

    Yes. We can conduct a phone fitting and assessment. Please feel free to contact us during our business hours our knowledgeable team members will be happy to assist you. 

  • How do I care for my new hat?

    Click here to find out how to properly care for your hat.

  • What are the advantages of purchasing a hat off the shelf and a custom hat?

    At W&W there are not any advantages between the two because all of our hats are tailored to fit its owner perfectly. There are options to customize a hat off of the shelf but overall there is nothing like a custom made hat especially commissioned for you. Certain colors are only available through Worth & Worth’s custom Hats.

  • How do I travel with my hat?

    Worth & Worth offers a seamless traveling hat case with a purchase of $100 and over. If a hat case is not practical the best way to travel with your hat is to keep it on your head.

  • Do you have readily available hats for purchase at your location?

    Yes. We have our current seasonal collection on display for purchase with access to off-season materials and sizes on site.

  • How to Order Hats

    We encourage you to order online by using the e-shop or by accessing this link 

    If you would prefer to place an order by phone, call: 1.212. 265. 2887 

    We will process your order and contact you to confirm your order and shipping date immediately for all order methods.

  • Do you make all of your hats?

    Yes. All of our hats are made at our Bowery flagship store and atelier in New York City. Our natural, renewable, and sustainable fur felt is pressed and imported from Italy consisting of hare fur, cashmere, and mink fur or any mixture thereof. Our beaver felt pressed and sent from Tennessee. Our straw is hand-woven in Ecuador, Italy, and the South Pacific.

  • How much does a custom hat cost?

    The starting price for a custom hare-fur felt hat is $650, a custom beaver fur felt starts at $925. For a custom straw hat please contact us for a quote, there are many types of straw that can be customized, and price points start at $450.

  • What are your hours of operation?

    We are open Tuesday-Saturday: 11-7
    and Sunday: 12-5.

  • Are you open to the public or do I need to make an appointment?

    We are open 6 days a week from Tuesdays to Sundays, feel free to come and explore our creations. If you would like to schedule a personal consultation we would be delighted to arrange a one-on-one fitting at the atelier. We also offer virtual fitting.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located at:
    263 Bowery 
    New York, NY 10002

Hat Care

  • How do I determine my head size?

    With a cloth tape measure start at the center front of the forehead. Hold the tape firm, then pull around to the ear, at the angle desired above the ear. Continue under your occipital bone which is located in the back of your head, then back around following the same procedure ending at the starting point.
    You will either have inches or centimeters depending on the type of tape measure used.
    For more infos CLICK HERE to discover our video instruction

  • How often will my hat need to be re-shaped and/or cleaned?

    It is recommended to have your hat cleaned and blocked at the beginning and end of each season. 

  • Do you have any everyday care advice?

    Click here to visit our hat care page, we explain the best way to care for your felt and straw hat.

Custom Orders

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