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The “King of the Dudes” Inspired Emma Corrin’s Met Gala Look

Emma Corrin | Met Gala 2022 

Close your eyes and just picture a dude. You’ll probably come up with a laid-back, slightly scruffy guy, perhaps Pete Davidson or Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. Back in the 19th century, however, the term was a pejorative for a supremely foppish man. The definition may have changed over the past century and a half, but everyone can agree that “King of the Dudes” is still a pretty cool title. That laurel was given to the New York socialite Evander Berry Wall who in the 1880s outshone all the other well-dressed men in New York with his signature pointed collars, stockings, and silk hats. How delightful, then, that this bonafide eccentric served as the inspiration for Emma Corrin’s custom Met Gala ensemble by Miu Miu, custom Top Hat by Worth & Worth by Orlando Palacios with jewellery from Cartier. 

A fun collaboration  with Harry Lambert and Emma Corrin
Look inspired by “The King of Dudes Berry Wall 
This Custom Top Hat is inspired by a turn-of-the-century stovepipe. 
It stands high with a whimsical 1 1/2 “jaunty brim 
Photos for Vogue by Danny Kasirye 
Glam by Daniel Martin Marcelo Gutierrez and 111skin 
Article by Sarah Spellings  
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